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We offer a great variety of Herring products. With our unique recipe you will get the best taste and flavor that nature has to offer. We use only top quality herring for our productions. Atlantic herring is one of the most abundant fish species in the world, therefore well known to wide range of consumers worldwide.

Ingredients: Atlantic herring and Salt
Herring fillets in oil: 1 Lb. Jar. 0759

Haifa brand skinless herring fillets packed in oil is the product we take a lot of pride in. All natural, with tender texture, it’s made from top quality Norwegian herring, slightly salted and topped with pure, natural vegetable oil. With many different ways to enjoy, it’s perfect straight from the glass on toast, or in a nutritious salad or even pasta dish. All you’ve got to do is use your imagination, creativity and indulge.

Herring Fillets – 25 lb. or 7 lb

Ingredients: Atlantic herring, Salt and Vegetable Oil.